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Hamedan was the capital of the first empire of Iran, the Medes and its among the oldest cities in the world. Book of Ezra has mentioned this city as the place where a scroll was found that giving the jews permission to rebuild a temple. And more importantly, Ibn Sina’s tomb) a Persian polymath) is in this city.
When it comes to art, Hamedan shines in the fields of leather, ceramics and poetry So this city will have other things to offer you besides its rich history.


Don’t miss:

  • Ecbatana, an ancient city that was found after archaeological excavations
  • Visiting the tomb of Ibn Sina, one of the great scientists of history
  • Ali-Sadr Cave, world’s largest water cave 
  • Sightseeing in Ganjnameh Tourist Resort Complex

Intra-city Transportation:

  • BRT (bus rapid transit)
  • Intra-city Bus Service
  • Car Rental for Tourists
  • Ridesharing programs (Snapp and Tapsi)
  • Taxi

How to get there:

You can reach Hamedan by car, bus, train and plane, it just depends on your location.


Explore the City

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