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Isfahan, which is also called “half of the world”, is one of the largest cities in Iran. Isfahan may not be the best city in the world, but it is definitely one of the best that you should put on your travel list. This city has been the capital of Iran for several centuries and unique historical buildings have been left from that era that some of even listed by UNESCO.

But this isn’t the only reason for the fame of Isfahan, It’s also known as the capital of culture and art of Iran. So you can find there handicrafts such as Etching, carpet weaving, calligraphy, enamel work, Persian painting, etc. In addition, the people of Isfahan are known for their hospitality and it is very likely that they will invite you to their homes and treat you with their famous homemade food and sweets.


Don’t miss:

  • Wondering around Naghshe Jahan square and visit it’s Historical mosques (Sheikh Lotfollah and The Shah Mosque (and Ali Qapu
  • Crossing its historical bridges even if there was no water in its river (Some nights people sing under the Khaju bridge(
    Try their famous food (Brioni) and dessert) Doug with goshfil(
  • Visit Chehel Sotoon Palace and the Wank Church, which are unique in their kind
  • Put Jame Mosque (Atigh Mosque) on your list, which is the largest and oldest mosque in Isfahan

Intra-city Transportation:

  • BRT (bus rapid transit)
  • Intra-city Bus Service
  • Subway (Metro)
  • Car Rental for Tourists
  • Ridesharing programs (Snapp and Tapsi)
  • Rental bike (Bdood)
  • Taxi

How to get there:

You can reach Isfahan by car, bus, train and plane, it just depends on your location.


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