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Tehran is the capital of Iran, in the north of the country. Its central Golestan Palace complex, with its ornate rooms and marble throne, was the seat of power of the Qajar dynasty. The National Jewelry Museum holds many of the Qajar monarchs’ jewels, while the National Museum of Iran has artifacts dating back to Paleolithic times. The Milad Tower offers panoramic views over the city.


Don’t miss:

  • Visiting Golestan and Saad Abad Palace
  • Museums like: The National Jewelry Treasury, Reza Abbasi and National Museum of Iran
  • Wondering around Tehran’s Massive Bazaar
  • Crossing Tabi’at, the largest pedestrian overpass in Tehran that connects two public parks

Intra-city Transportation:

  • BRT (bus rapid transit)
  • Intra-city Bus Service
  • Subway (Metro)
  • Car Rental for Tourists
  • Ridesharing programs (Snapp and Tapsi)
  • Rental bike (Bdood)
  • Taxi

How to get there:

You can reach Tehran by car, bus, train and plane, it just depends on your location.

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