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Yazd is one the world oldest city and its historic district is listed by UNESCO. This city known for being the host of persian old religion, Zoroastrian. Therefore, on some days of the year, you can see their festivals and religious rituals. Also there is another reason that made this city different from the other cities of iran, this city has been build on desert. You can feel the effect of its climate on its architecture, especially the older ones. So if you look for something new in your Iran tour, you can find your answer in Yazd and if you get there, don’t miss their sweet that are unique like thrir mansions.


Don’t miss:

  • Visiting Jameh Mosque of Yazd, one of the oldest buildings in iran
  • Drinking tea in its Rooftop cafes
  • Visiting its museums and mansions like Dowlat Abad Garden
  • Tasting their sweets, there are several kind of them

Intra-city Transportation:

  • BRT (bus rapid transit)
  • Intra-city Bus Service
  • Subway (Metro)
  • Car Rental for Tourists
  • Ridesharing programs (Snapp and Tapsi)
  • Rental bike (Bdood)
  • Taxi

How to get there:

You can reach Tehran by car, bus, train and plane, it just depends on your location.

Explore the City

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