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There is a common proverb among Iranians that says: eat breakfast alone, share your lunch with your friend, and give your dinner to your enemy. It shows that breakfast is the most important meal for people in Iran. Persian breakfast has a lot of variety and is known as one of the most nutritious breakfasts.

In this article, we will introduce different types of traditional Persian meals you can eat for breakfast.

Kale Pache

Whenever there is a talk about the Persian breakfast, Kale Pache is one of the first food that comes to the mind of every person in Iran. This traditional dish is made of sheepʼs head trotters that are cooked with onion, garlic, bay leaves, and some spices. This oily food serves like Abgoosht in two parts. First, you should, pour the broth into a bowl and add the pieces of Persian bread such as Sangak or Barbari that call is called Tilit. Then you can eat the meat with lemon juice and Persian bread.

kale pache

Kareh Moraba

It is a combination of bread with butter (Kareh) and jam (Moraba). Jam is one of the important and popular elements of Persian breakfast and there are a few people who do not enjoy the taste of a sweet jam with butter or cream. There are various types of traditional Persian jams such as: Moraba e Beh (Quince Jam), Moraba e Balang (Citron Jam), Moraba e Shaghaghol (Parsnip Jam), and Moraba e Golmohamadi (Damask Rose Jam). Also, Carrot Jam, Strawberry Jam, and Sour berry jam are very popular in Iran.


Halim is the traditional Persian porridge made of mutton and pealed wheat. Halim contains wheat which is the major source of starch and energy, it also full of zinc, magnesium, iron, and niacin. This food is served warm for breakfast or Iftar and also, is cooked for religious ceremonies in Iran and is called Nazri. This breakfast takes a long time to prepare. The cooked ingredients should be mashed to get a smooth and stretchy texture. Halim is usually put in a bowl, designed with cinnamon and sesame, and served with bread and sugar (optional).

Halim (Persian porridge)


Fried eggs are traditionally eaten for breakfast in many countries. Nimroo is a Persian fried egg that is usually prepared with butter for breakfast. If you do not have enough time to prepare a dish, Nimroo can be a good choice for you. For the classic version of Nimroo, you should heat the frying pan with a few drops of oil and butter and after a few minutes, break the eggs in the pan. Your Nimroo is ready and you can serve it with some salt, black pepper, and bread.

Noon o Panir

Noon o Panir is the most common breakfast in Iran which has two main ingredients: bread and Persian cheese. It has a really easy recipe, you should spread the cheese on the bread and that’s it, you made a Noon o Panir that is served with walnut, cucumber, tomato, Sabzi Khordan, and chaee shirin. Chaee Shirin or Persian sweet tea is one of the main drinks in Persian breakfast which is black tea sweetened with sugar. 

Noon o Panir


Adasi is a delicious Persian lentil soup-like dish that can be served as breakfast in Iran. This is a very healthy and nutritious food because lentil is a great source of protein, potassium, and fiber making it a great choice for the heart and for managing blood pressure and cholesterol. Adasi is a vegetarian meal that has a simple recipe, also can be a great option for dinner or a light lunch. This classical food has a few ingredients such as onion and garlic and green lentil is the base. It serves warm with bread.

Ardeh shireh

Ardeh Shireh is the most nutritious breakfast in Iran which is a combination of tahini (Ardeh) and date syrup (Shireh). Ardeh is a condiment made from sesame seed and its taste is a little bitter. It can reduce cholesterol and high triglyceride levels in the blood. Also, its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce the risk of chronic diseases.  Shireh is a healthy and natural sweetener made with the date. It is full of iron, minerals, and folic acid and free of sodium, and cholesterol which is very beneficial. For these reasons, the Arde Shire is known as the most nutritious meal serves with bread.

Ardeh Shireh


Omleas the Persian omelette made from two main ingredients, egg, and tomato. The preparation of this delicious breakfast is very easy and it is ready in just a few minutes. You should saute the onion in a frying pan until starts to turn golden and then add the tomatoes and eggs. Your Omlet is ready and you can serve it with Persian bread. Omlet is a good choice for single parents or lazy individuals who do not like cooking. This delicious food can be served as dinner or even lunch.

Halva Ardeh

Halva Ardeh is one of the most popular and delicious choices for the breakfast. It is prepared in various forms in different countries. This traditional sweet snack is prepared with two main ingredients, sesame seeds, and sugar. Halva Ardeh is studded with pistachio slivers which give it a palatable taste. This nutritious breakfast is full of protein, vitamin B, D, E, and unsaturated fatty acids. It is served with bread on the side.

Halva Ardeh


Sarshir is a dairy product and Persian version of cream, which has a higher concentration and fat. It is served with Persian bread like Sangak and Barbari, honey, and jam. For the preparation of Sarshir, We are using a cream that is not highly or ultra-pasteurized.  When you heat heavy cream for a long period of time a thicker substance separates and rises to the top, forming a creamy layer than can be removed and eaten. Keep in mind that it is a high-fat dairy and excessive consumption of Sarshir will cause weight gain.

You can also try traditional Iranian dishes for lunch or dinner. Therefore, in another article, we introduced the popular foods of Iran that can help you a lot.

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